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2015 Week 7 Preview

Wildcats vs Mariners
Surprise: The Western Wildcats currently sit at 2-2. How many of you predicted that one? After suffering a 39-12 thumping by the Slayers, Western won 2 of their next three (the other loss was a 9-6 battle against the Slayers). The first Washington County game could’ve been an ominous sign of an ugly season. Would anyone blame them for packing it in? Yet, they’ve dropped 40 on a couple of opponents since. Confidence is a tricky concept to grasp. If you have a dearth of it, all seems hopelessly lost. Own an abundant supply, and there is no goal that can’t be achieved.

The Test: The Mariners have allowed a whopping eight total points. Not a misprint. This is due to their fearsome pass rush. Opposing passers don’t have time to blink, much less complete a throw. However, what would happen if Western managed to successfully keep the Mariners at bay, allowing Nate Samas to complete passes? WR Bennett and Jewell are two of the top receivers in the league statistically. With sustained Wildcat blocking, the Mariners could be made to pay vertically. How will Manitowoc County’s secondary deal with the aerial attack? They haven’t been tested all season.

Matchup #1- Mariners DE Richard Zachow vs. Wildcats RT Zack Miller: Not to oversimplify, but the game hinges upon this matchup. Zachow is the premier pass rusher in the WSFL. He will wreck an opposing gameplans, and must be accounted for at all times. His best trait isn’t measurable, nor can be tallied on a stat sheet. There is an inherent relentlessness every snap. Miller is an improving lineman, progressing weekly. He will need to get in that proverbial phone booth and brawl with Zachow all game, to the echo of the whistle. It would be interesting to see how the Mariners DE deals with that approach. The task seems ...

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- Terry Biggs, WSFL Media

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wsfl Standings
Slayers 6 0 0 254 30
Braves 4 0 0 143 2
Mariners 3 0 0 144 8
Wildcats 2 2 0 106 84
Timberjacks 1 4 0 53 155
Steel 0 5 0 12 243
Jaguars 0 6 0 32 223

* Clinched Playoff Birth

** Clinched 1st Round Home Game

z Clinched Home Field