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Application Information:

  • Application Due Date is March 15th.
  • New Team Presentation Date will be at the March meeting.
  • A refundable deposit of $250 is due with this application. Upon acceptance, deposit will be applied toward league fees. If denied access to WSFL, deposit will be refunded within two-weeks of decision. Deposit will be withheld if team withdraws after being accepted into the WSFL.
  • All information provided on this application will be verified by the WSFL competition committee.
  • League Fees for the 2013 season were $1200.
  • WSFL Membership includes Liability Insurance for teams and their home fields.

Once this application is received by the WSFL, the league's appointed Competition Committee will investigate the validity of claims, including contact of staff, players, and home field contact. Once the competition committee has completed this process, they will decide whether or not the applicant team will be a competitive team for the league. If the committee decides that the team will be competitive, the team will be invited to make a presentation to the entire league to be considered for acceptance to the WSFL. The vote will be held over the following week, with a decision delivered to the applicant team within two weeks of presentation.

Upon acceptance into the WSFL, a new team is given equal say in the day to day operations of the league and is included in all league wide votes. Team owners and representatives are expected to carry themselves in a dignified manner that reflects positively on WSFL.

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