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The WSFL On-Line website is dedicated to the introduction and development of a new football league, the WSFL, consisting of semi-professional teams throughout the state of Wisconsin.

The league is an idea generated by the leaders of several teams in the area. Our proposal is based on the desire to compete in a fun, organized, and non-profit environment. Funds for the league are to be generated through an initial entry fee, sale of concessions and/or league merchandise, and are to be utilized directly towards the benefit of the league. We believe our open and honest approach to the financial aspects of running a league is what will make us distinct from previous efforts in Wisconsin.

The intention is to eliminate dissension within the league by focusing on compromise, fairness, and most importantly the great game of football! This league is by football players, for football players.

To view the WSFL Charter <Click Here>

League Structure

The league is a non-profit organization, meaning all money generated by the league will stay within the league. The owners of the teams are also the owners of the league. They become owners by paying their entry fee in full. The owners of the league will select a board of directors. This will be done on a year-to-year basis with no term limits.

Players Association

Players are required to join the WSFL players Association.  Each player that steps on the practice field is required to sign up. It is a free service, however, there will be a charge for the membership card if the league chooses that option.

Coaches Association

Coaches are required to join the WSFL Coaches association. The mission of the WSFL is to teach coaches modern coaching techniques.  Membership is free however charges will be assessed for consulting and ID cards.

Officials Registry

Teams are required to have WSFL certified officials.  This registry is operated by the officials and overseen by the league.

Board of Directors

All policies and financial matters shall require authorization from the Board of Directors, who shall meet on an annual basis to discuss League business.  The members shall have voting privileges set by the existing Board.  It will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to serve in the best interests of both the League and the teams associated with the League.

  • President: Shall oversee and coordinate the general operation of the league as per direction the Board of Directors.

  • Vice President(s): Shall be responsible for the coordination of projects and activities designed to enhance the image and service of the League and all associated teams.  This position shall work closely with the above mentioned positions to maximize effectiveness.

  • Treasurer: The treasurer shall create and maintain the annual operating budget for the league. 

  • League Commissioner: Shall coordinate all team-level efforts in the successful operation of the League.  Specific responsibilities include team recruitment, enforcement of team-related rules and policies, determination of team schedules, general team relations and submission of appropriate team-level information to the President for marketing purposes.

  • League Director:  Shall assist in the duties and responsibilities of the League Commissioner.  Shall hold one annual team owners meetings. Shall report any concerns or discrepancies to the league Commissioner.

  • WSFL Sales Representative:  Each WSFL sales rep is responsible for initiating contact with businesses in order to create revenue for the league operations budget.  Each representative will earn commissions on all sales.


a)  All league operational and developmental expenses shall be maintained in a joint general bank account.

b)  Checks may be written and signed by the league President and league Treasurer.

c)  The primary maintenance of the general bank account shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer.


The marketing efforts of the League are structured to utilize all forms of traditional media.  Word of mouth advertising is the basis of marketing.  A comprehensive web presence and online marketing campaign coupled with a targeted campaign in newspapers, magazines, television and radio shall compliment word of mouth advertising.  It is the Vice President responsibility to establish the relationships with the key individuals and organizations in positions to enhance the image and publicity of the League.  The Vice President shall also coordinate league advertising opportunity efforts as the image of the League shall be established and/or affected by such advertising.

Press Releases:

Several structured press releases shall be distributed to team owners, media, advertisers and affiliated charity officials on a regular schedule throughout the entire year.  The purpose of these press releases is to communicate key information and to promote the efforts of the league.  Repeated communication with these sources shall demonstrate a level of professionalism necessary for positive publicity.  Subjects of each press release are included in the attached timeline.  Please note that additional press releases may be distributed throughout the year.


The marketing budget of the WSFL shall fund publicity efforts of the league and assist with publicity efforts of each individual team.  Initiatives such as league merchandise, radio and television promotional recordings (to be used individually by teams), printed advertisements, publicity articles, and Internet advertising are viable options as well.

Web Site:

The official web site of the WSFL is designed and maintained by league marketing personnel and hosted by the WSFL.  The comprehensive site includes all pertinent league and team information and is designed to be used as a tool for information and securing league advertising.

Advertising Opportunities:

A complete and structured program for securing league advertising has been implemented into the regular operations of the WSFL.  Revenues generated from league advertising shall be distributed as per the league's financial policy.